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This post was most recently updated on February 15th, 2018

Will you really like when a visitor comes to your blog and sees an error page without any kind of information or call to action?

Yap, indeed he will bounce up from your blog without thinking a second.

As a blogger, we often know there will be times when our site may go down or some kind of error comes up while doing multiple things like:

  • Moving to a better hosting
  • Changing something within backend of blog
  • Tweaking your codes or themes
  • DDoS attacks
  • Experimenting with new things etc

Whatever the reasons are it is always ideal to do it all behind a wall to prevent bad user signals.

That’s when a coming soon or let’s call it an under construction page comes to work.

What is an under construction page??

An under construction page basically a page that temporarily replaces your blog’s homepage which tells your visitors that your site is under maintenance or whatever you want for X period of time or will be up within in X period of time.

However, the default WordPress page looks kinda dead without any kind of navigation or call to action, which brings users literally to a dead end when your site is down.

To solve that all you need is an under construction page to do all your blog maintenance work with out hurting your user experience.

Today I will show you a free WordPress under construction page creator plugin which eventually also called “Under Construction Page” to keep your blog productive even when it is down.

Under Construction Page WordPress plugin features:

  1. Well designed page with just a few clicks with a great collection of templates (the pic I used on top is also one of them)
  2. Easy to use, pretty much plug & play
  3. You can add your social media channels
  4. Active support for free plans
  5. Lite weight
  6. Gets regular updates
The under construction page plugin is free which you can download from here or directly from WordPress plugin directory within your WordPress dashboard.

Once you have downloaded & installed the plugin, go to setting > under construction. This is where you will get your hands dirty. Don’t worry all of these are one time then you are good to go by just turning on or off the plugin.

Upon going into settings you will see a total of 5 tabs.

Under Construction Settings Page

Main, design, content, access, support.


Status: this where you can turn on or off the plugin. You can also direct turn on the plugin from top admin bar in your WordPress dashboard. You can also assign the role to whom you wants to let the access to content when the site is down.

End date & time: Enabling this option will automatically turn off the plugin on the scheduled date and time. This option will not “auto-enable” the plugin and can be schedule when the construction Mode is on.

Design: Here you can find all the cool templates that you can use or else also can use your own custom CSS

Content: This is my favorite section of this plugin. Remember I told earlier to make your hands dirty, well this one is the place. You can add your social media profiles like YouTube, Twitter plus your contact details like email address, contact number etc.

Be sure fill out this section to make the most out of it.

Access: this is where you can assign roles who will not be affected by the under construction mode and will always see the normal site and can access to them. By default it is administrator a.k.a you, you can change it anytime according to your need.

Support: nothing to talk about here. In this section, you can find all the FAQs and if you still have doubt you can contact their support at any time.

Well, every good thing comes with its own pros & cons. As we already mention pros of this plugin in feature section, it is time to face some of down sides.

  1. Currently, there’s few selection of templates but nothing to worry as they are adding new templates every 2-3 weeks and existed ones are already pretty awesome.
  2. Currently, they have no premium version of the plugin however they are working on it. In pro version, you will be able to get extra add-ons like adding a contact forum, Email opt-in.

Comparing to value the cons are nothing. Under construction page is rapidly growing with 60k+ active installs. Also you can learn more about under construction page plugin on their official site & wploop.

So what are you waiting for?

Install under construction page plugin right now and keep your blog working for you even though it is down.

let me know your experience with under construction page in the comments below.

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