Top Reasons To Use Twitter Ads For Every Blogger and Marketer

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A good product or a blog post is not enough to sell your product or drag traffic to your blog/website.

In this post we’ll show how twitter ads can help you with that to achieve them.

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A proper marketing plan like social media campaign is what you need to combine with your content marketing efforts to get your desired results and there is no doubt that social media marketing such as twitter ads heavily used nowadays to achieve such goals.

With more than 317 million users twitter indeed a huge platform for social media marketing.

Today in this post we will cover some of the important factors that why you should use twitter ads for advertising your brand, service, product or simply to increase traffic and conversions of your Blog.

further delay, let’s right jump into it.

1. It’s cheap

Unlike Adwords, facebook or Instagram marketing using Twitter for advertising is super cheap. You can literally get clicks for pennies.

Yes, you can get clicks as low as 0.02-0.03$ which is kinda boon to marketing your product, brand or your blog/website.

(Heck, that’s cheaper than buying lollipop to a kid.)

Why it’s that much low??

Well, the twitter ads CPC calculate on auction basis so it’s pretty much what and how much people are willing to pay and your budget and bid determine the price of your campaign.

Lack of advertising competition on Twitter is also one of the important factors for such low cost per click.

2. Twitter engaging targeting

Twitter engaging targeting is an another awsome way by twitter to reach your particular targeted audience. With this type of advertising, you can remarket to people who recently or already engaged with your tweets.

This one really a hidden diamond buried in the cave of Twitter advertising which many bloggers & internet marketers don’t make use of.

With this not only you can target people who saw your promoted tweets but also ones who actually engaged with it A.K.A your target audience.

No other social networks neither Facebook nor Instagram have such feature then why not use this feature to its full potential?

3. Easy keyword targeting


One of the import aspect of any kind of social media Ad campaign is keyword targeting.

Through Twitter ads it is really interesting and precise way to go after specific audience who interacted with your Content.

You can target those people who have already used a particular hashtag or word in their tweet feeds or people who have any kind of interaction with tweets that contain those words a.k.a your targeted keywords.

Facebook have topic targeting but don’t have such kind of feature via which you can make your campaigns targeted towards some selective keywords.

What’s cool about this? Well, you can easily target your audience and funnel them to your blog or product for sales and exposure.

If you can master the art of keyword targeting indeed you’ll be amazed after watching the results.

4. Faster growing user base


Why advertise on twitter??

Well, twitter has an audience base of 320 million. According to Forbes twitter is the fastest growing social media which growing at a rapid pace.

According to Forbes Twitter is the fastest growing social media network.

In 2016 twitter has an active user base of 310m every month and a total of 1.3 billion accounts have been created.

Comparing to audience base and growth rate with advertising cost and competition on Twitter that’s literally a fortune. Then why not abuse them ?

5. You pay for what you use


Unlike Facebook where you have little to no control over your campaigns twitter ads follows a  “pay what you use” manner.

Twitter advertising cost and pricing works little different than other social media networks.

You pay only when a user takes an action assigned with your campaigns objective(s), which means you are paying for exact results and engagement you wanna see.

Example, if you run a Twitter followers ad campaign you only pay for the number of users who started following you through ad provided follow button. Same goes for other types of twitter ads.

On side note Twitter won’t charge you for organic engagements Soo in both cases it’s a win-win, yippee.

6. Higher CTR


Recently conducted studies already showed that advertisers spend more money on Facebook ad campaigns, however, overall twitter ads delivered a consistent higher CTR. that’s really huge considering the bigger audience reach of Facebook.

In short,
Higher CTR + targeted audience = profit

So what do you want??
A mass amount of audience or a good amount of targeted audience. You get it.

7. Targeted audience


Recent surveys already showed that Facebook has a far more large audience base than Twitter, however, targeted audience and conversion & engagement rate far better with Twitter.

Twitter made this easy with his “tailored audience” tool.

Using this tool you can target every twitter user who interacted with your ads with specific accounts and there are numerous tools using which you can create and download a list followers from any twitter account & create your own tailored audience list.

it’s easy to download a list of every follower for any Twitter account and create your own tailored audience to target with your Twitter ads.

8. Better branding and trustability


65.8% of companies uses Twitter as a part of their marketing.

58% of top brands regularly uses twitter.
92% of companies tweet more than once a day.

42% bloggers social traffic is comes from twitter after Facebook.
77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a blog or brand when their tweets been replied.

Bloggers who regularly uses twitter gets a better-targeted audience than other any social media channel.

Do I need to tell more why Twitter ads are good for branding and trustability??

A quick note about twitter ad pricing:

Twitter have different types of ads, such as follows:

  • Mobile app campaign
  • Engagement campaign.
  • Build an audience aka follower campaign
  • Website conversion, click campaign
    Apart from this twitter have many promotional tools and cards which you use according to your need.

Twitter ads pricing, eligibility, and cost varies campaign to campaign which you can find on their official advertising page.


That’s true Twitter has a smaller audience base comparing to facebook, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good amount of return on investment.

Twitter marketing is still on its low competition stage considering it’s large audience base. If you haven’t started using twitter for your blog or marketing purpose consider doing So.

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