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Soo you just googled “google penalty site checker or how to know which Google penalty hit your site” or something like that. Well first let me give you some info about Google’s updates regarding algorithms and changes.

Did you know every year google changes his algorithms around 600-700 times??

Most of them are minors that you can’t even notice, however sometimes there’s one or few that rolled out to be “major” ones(I.e penguin, panda etc) and your site may be got hit by one of those.

Some of them can literally benefit you overnight but most of the time you face the evil side of those updates.

So it’s your best bet to be in safer precaution site beforehand.

Today On here AlphaTed we’ve collected some of the google penalty checker & sandbox tools in this quick guide (hopefully!!) which will let you confirm if your site got any such type of google penalties.

Pro tip: if you suddenly see’s a significant traffic spike growth or reduction overnight then it your site probably faced on of those Google’s algorithm updates.

1.Panguin tool by barracuda (need GA access)

our first google algorithm update & penalty checker tool on the list.

Baracuda is a digital company who makes consultancy and helps companies in marketing & does campaigns for them.

This tool is created by Baracuda digital which let’s you assure if you got any Google penalties.You need to sign in using your Google analytics account to get your results.

Some of the security concern people won’t accept this so for you guys there are few more tools below, however they already mentioned that they don’t see, collect, hold, or in any way interface with your Google analytics data & the whole process done under OAuth 2.0 which is more than enough for your security satisfaction.

How to use:

1. Click the button below to login with your Google account.
2. Select any of your Google Analytics profiles.
3. View you organic Google traffic with all of Google’s major algorithm changes overlaid.

Go to Panguin Tool penalty indicator by feintoolternational (collects semrush data)

As the tool name written this tool made by Feinternational a website broker website who buys n sells websites & SEO services. Unlike google penalty checker from barracuda This tool sync’s up with SEMRUSH data to dig out the results.

I really like this tool as it’s using Semrush data which can be super accurate. Add the desired URL and just press the button, that’s it.

I really like this tool as it’s using Semrush data which can be super accurate. Add the desired URL and just press the button, that’s it.

Go to google penalty checker algorithm change history by Moz

OK not actually a google site checker more than a brief history of Google’s penalty types, there detailed info and when they took a major impact on SERPs.they have a listed all major algorithmic changes that have had the biggest impact on search.

It helps you understand types of google algorithms, penalties &  changes in a detailed user-friendly way.

I highly suggest you have a look at this Cheat sheet from Moz for a better knowledge on google’s algorithm updates.

Go To Moz update History

4.Google analytics & Google’s webmaster tool

My favorite tools.

Because they are accurate.

These two tools may not be super easy to use however I only recommend using these two tools only. Where Google analytics handles the real time up to date traffic report with real-time monitoring, on the other hand, google search console handles the warning and the error part.

Combine these two tools you can easily find if you faced any of Google updates or not and results will be accurate(at least I’ve experienced), I vouch for them 😉

No need to provide login URL, you’re smart enough.

5.Google sandbox & penalty checker tool by pixelgroove

This tool is invented by pixelgroove and is the easiest tool in the list. Just add your URL that’s it, simple plug & play.

It divided its results into 3 types, such as follows:

Deindexed: when a domain is completely banned from google
Penalized: a domain name or page exists but none of your pages can found through direct queries.such changes may apply by google algorithm or manually applied by google quality engine.
Sandboxed: neither domain nor page got deindexed or penalized, but somehow traffic from search engines suddenly drops.

Go To The Tool

6.fruition google penalty checker

Fruition again is a digital marketing web based company who provides SEO services, web design & development solutions. They have a wide range of services who helps companies and other content marketers.

Apart from them, what we’re interested is google site checker provided by them.they offer 2 websites per free search, yes they are freemium!! Graphically indicates which Google updates impacted your websites.

Go To fruition Google Penalty checker 

7.jellyfish. Net (have to create acc)

Not so popular however it’s still worth a place in the list. You need to sign up for an account with them to get your searched results and sometimes they get 404 errors which makes them least Google penalty indicator tool.

However they are one of the working google  penalty checker in the list

Go To The Tool

Personal quick tip:  use Google analytics and search console to monitor any sudden huge traffic changes on your site then use any of these tools to make sure if you got penalized through any panda, penguin or any other kind of Google penalties, updates actually 😉

I highly suggest you don’t step in such penalty recovery and removal services or Google SEO services. Most of them are $$ hungers, I’m not telling all them are fake or non-trusted.however, it’s hard to find a good yet reliable one.

Oh, another tip consider reading & understanding the Google algorithms and updates. The link to the Moz on the list can help you with it.

Want us to cover a specific topic??
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