Free WordPress Test Installs (Without Hosting)

This post was most recently updated on February 15th, 2018

Ever thought how cool it would be if you can test out a snippet or CSS code or modify a theme or your functions file in your blog without breaking anything?

That’s right, without breaking anything on your WordPress website.

Or just simply want to try out WordPress before starting your blogging journey?

Today I’ll share a tool or let’s say a website which will help you with that. Are you ready?

Ok, The tool is called (don’t laugh !)

Setting up free WordPress test installs has never been easier than In his post, you’ll learn all about this tool and how it works.

A little bit about created by the same creators of oxygen app a visual site builder for wordpress& WP all import.

But why

When asked to its creators they said:

“We chose especially because it is ridiculous and no one will be able to use it in a professional context”

Adding to it another creator Guilmette said. “Also it was shorter than the previous domain we were going to use –”

Pros of using

  • Unlimited WordPress test installs
  • Can use multiple instances at same by using different tabs
  • Each has its own unique link for your future reference
  • Extend the life of every WordPress installation.
  • Free !!

so do Cons:

  • Can’t be used for real blogging
  • Login credentials lasts for 7 days, without extent.

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How to use poopy for WordPress test installs?

Setting up WordPress test installs is pretty child play with

  1. Go to from here then click on that little folder icon to install one


2. Upon after installation, you’ll see something like this which completely looks and works like a normal WordPress installation.


3. Now in this WordPress dashboard, you’ll find all your credentials for future login.


4. you can save your changes and save it as a sandbox for others to use or for yourself, however, these login credentials will last only for 7 days.

But nothing to worry you can have another fresh install at anytime you want.

Future of

The team has plans to add a commercial tier at in the near future.

In the mean time they said: runs on CloudLinux and Guilmette said it is hosted on “a handful of very powerful dedicated servers and ~10 smaller helper instances/load balancers, and duct tape.”

WP All Import plans to introduce a commercial tier on wp to allow users to have installs on a custom domain, as well as control of the welcome notice and email. The domain and landing page will live on, but Guilmette expects that it will soon be blacklisted by Google.


He also the most important thing WP All Import customers wants to know is if the product will be able to import their files. The testing platform drives sales for the company and reduces refunds and buyer’s remorse because customers know exactly what they are getting. It also has proven to reduce support requests.

“We get way fewer simple questions about the UI, because people can just try it,” Guilmette said. “So that clears support up for people who have real problems. It also makes those support requests easier, because the user can reproduce the problem on a debug install, and we can poke at it without worrying about breaking their site.”

Guilmette said the team is working on launching the commercial tier and may have something ready within a couple of weeks or sooner with the help of testers.

After you gain little bit of WordPress experience you can start your self-hosted blog by anytime by using some reliable hostings like CloudWays , BlueHost (comes with free domain) or else checkout other options.

Do you have any questions about how to use Feel free to ask us in the comments section below!


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