12 Powerful Tips To Run a Succesful Fitness Blog (2017)

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Soo you’re starting a fitness blog or already have one or simply a wannabe fitness blogger who’s trying to be succeeded in this stardom of blogosphere??

Well, you might love to stick till the end of this post.

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Recently over few years, health and fitness contents are surged into popularity either in form of blogging or fitness YouTube channels.

Many fitness enthusiasts have realized the power of content distribution via blogging and not just limited to platform like YouTube.

As the fitness enthusiasts raised so does the fitness blogs, to stand out of crowd you need proper planning and determination.

For a better understanding, we have highlighted 12 powerful tips which will lead you to be a successful fitness blogger, please note all them are important in no specific order.

Ye! one more thing I’m not covering basic things like choosing a perfect hosting, domain or themes in this post as I know you can do that.

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Without being loquacious lets just right jump into tip one.

1. Don’t do it cuz world does it.



First of all, ask yourself few questions.

Do you really want it? Is it your desire or just passion? How long can you keep with it?

If you are just doing it because you came to know that fitness blogging is a profitable niche and you can make a pretty andsome until of money out of it then my friend it’s better you should stop right now!! Don’t be an another “me too” blogger.

Everyday there are hundreds of fitness blogs if not thousands are coming online but only a few survives.

Don’t take money as your first consideration. Think how you can havr a impact on others, your overall contribution to the readers. It’s your passion & hard work that will drag you up and money will eventually come with it.

2. Understand the niche.

Thousands of fitness articles publish every month but not all of them are same.

As I already said earlier that fitness is a pretty broad niche in which its pretty easy for someone to be overwhelmed by options.

From weight loss remedies to getting shredded, workout guides, nutrition, lifestyle, disease & drugs, yoga. There are plenty of options. Do your research and find your place within the crowd.

Personally, I won’t read a blog where’s someone posting about “how to get bigger biceps” at the same time also posting “drugs to cure appendix” or “nutrition plan during pregnancy”

You get it right? Now find your ones.

Some of the things you can do to understand your niche in fitness is:

  • Find in what you’re good at it
  • Ask yourself, “can you constantly produce posts on that selected topic ?”
  • Reading other blogs
  • Google trend
  • Forums
  • Q&A sites like quora etc

3. Start small.


Great Now you are fully energized and started your fitness blog. Oh!! Hold on


don’t just jump right into it and start publishing everything within your mind. Start with few posts, make them exceptionally good and see how its working.

Later you can widen your topic selection.

That doesn’t mean you start posting 300-500 words articles which merely have quality.

Identify your desirable blog content.
Write less but in-depth article, Make that article a single piece of excellence.

Start slow and steady, this way you’ll get enough time to understand if the things are working for you or not.

4. Understand SEO.


” Content is king “ how many times you have heard that statement in the world of blogging or content marketing? Well that’s true however if content is the king then SEO is the queen.

Understand basics of SEO, learn SEO techniques from other big players, read some internet marketing and SEO blogs & AlphaTed of course : )

To make your work easy here are some of Some of the SEOs that I use myself so should you.

  1. Write bigger content, no need to do it always but the more often is better like 1500-3000 Seo optimized articles.
  2. Make your blog post visually rich by adding images, quotes, infographics, content boxes
  3. Have a content strategy like what to publish and when to publish and then how to promote afterwards
  4. Use your keywords efficiently but don’t spam it. 1 – 2.3 or .5 keyword density will do the work, keep the users I the mind instead of search engines
  5. Focus on On-page SEO (Yoast SEO Plugin will help you with that)
  6. Create Eye-grabbing headlines
  7. Enhance user experience by improving site structure, adding easy navigation, clean theme, interlinking posts, Fixing link errors etc.
  8. A Clean SEO friendly theme like Genesis or from any reputable theme providers like MyThemeShop,themeisle. Don’t know why bloggers fail on this part.
  9. Create Backlinks, I mean quality ones not the ones like from blog directories
  10. Use SEO tools like SemRush , aherfs (optional but recommended)

5. Harness the power of promotion

twitters audience pic

When it comes to driving traffic to your blog your quality content is not just enough.

I’m a big fan of “work less promote more” approach if you want to know why !! consider checking this article by Derek Halpern from Social triggers.

For summary it’s basically an 80/20 rule where you spend 80% of times promoting content and only 20% on creating them. Same rule I’m using on AlphaTed.

First of all create few but extraordinary solid piece of content which naturally attract links & then promote the hell out it. Some tools you can use are:

  • Social media channels
  • Running Instagram, FB , Twitter ad campaigns
  • Content curation sites like Feedly, scoop.it, buzzsumo etc
  • Social bookmark sites like Flipboard, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg
  • Content repurpose tools like medium, SlideShare
  • Guest Blogging & collaborations (important)
  • Niche related forums & quora etc
  • Email outreach and building relations with other bloggers

(You can refer to this infographic by coshedule to maximize your social media growth)

6. Be a brand


What name comes to your mind when you want to eat delicious pizza, chicken or burger??

Mc Donald’s? Domino’s? KFC ? TacoBell? I’m sure you have thought at least one of them.

And why that?
Because of branding. Companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s made a brand themselves overtime that people instantly relates to them when they think about a particular product like cold drinks or burger.

But I’m a fitness blogger, why the heck you’re comparing me to them?
Well, no matter if it’s business or blogging branding plays an important role in all.

In today’s more Internet evolving world building personal brand is more important than anything else. Building a brand require a whole dedicated post but till then some of the things you can do right now are:

  1. Creating content which actually solves problems
  2. Be an Authority in your niche and provide incredible value
  3. Staying consistent on social medias, but don’t live in it.
  4. Connect with your readers, solve their queries
  5. Publish killer content time to time.
  6. Write in a controversial & inspirational way
  7. Create time to time FAQ series

7. Social media is your buddy

I see many fitness bloggers fail when it comes to audience interaction.

As a fitness blogger or YouTuber social media is probably your best buddy. Not only it gives you more exposure but also helps to build your personal brand and audience interaction. That doesn’t mean you start using every single social media channel.

Find which ones suits you and stay consistent by sticking to it. Like if you see I’m highly active on:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • FB and few niche forums, that way I can give time to everything.

Staying on Social media is not just way to build massive follower base, it’s the best medium to connect with your readers and build trust with them and creating a community.

Nowadays as a fitness blogger Instagram, FB, Twitter with some other platforms (see promotion section on top) is more than enough.

To save your time you can also use social media automation tools like Buffer or SocialPilot . Just schedule your posts for the day / month and you’re done 😉

You can also use plugin like Social warfare to create awesome visual rich social icons and floating social media bars.

8. Thinking out of box.


If you keep moving on a path made by everyone else then there’s no way you can ever reach where you want to be.

Don’t just write > promote and repeat. Find your own tweak, observe other fitness blogs and find if they lack in something and how you can use it and add your twist to it.

Some things I can think of for now are:

  • Coming up with easy solutions on a topic
  • Make demonstrate videos of your post
  • Pic by Pic guides
  • Turning posts into infographics
  • Making a series of posts (workout programs or something like that maybe??)
  • Making YouTube videos.

9. Money matters

cheap money in coins

“Fitness blogging for money” “how to make money fitness blogging” these are some highly search terms according to Google AdWords.

No matter how much we tell ourselves but somewhere we bloggers knew money is something another big piece motivation that keeps us going.

Neil Patel of Quicksprout says “Making money through blogging isn’t easy and it takes months if not years to make a blog generate enough income to live off of.”

There’s are fitness blogs earning thousands of $$ where thousands of dies before earning a single penny.

If you want to make money out of your blog you must treat is as a business because a blog doesn’t income itself a business does.

I would suggest try to monetize your fitness blog after it gets some exposure and have a stable audience.

You can try any of these methods to monetize fitness blog of yours:

  • AdSense since fitness blogs are pretty profitable niche for AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Promoting fitness brands and others from same niche
  • Online Training or Coaching (why not both..!!)
  • Personalize diet & workout plans
  • Being a personal online trainer
  • Creating your own Ebook, courses
  • Using your blog as a medium to get clients

And much more, let us know what monetize method you use in comments below.

10. Regularly post


Do you know Most of the new fitness blogs die within 6 months due to lack of content?

Studies have shown that blogs posting and updating more often with quality content beat its competitors with a significant percentage within SERPs.

Posting regularly & updating is as important as creating quality content. Not only it attracts new visitors but also encourage existing ones to return.

If your blog is pretty new try to post regularly (Not Daily Obio) like for 4 to 6 months until you build up a steady blog traffic and built up a audience base.

At the start, it might look hard but trust me once you have enough of articles you won’t struggle to publish another one.

Some of the tricks I recommend to save up your time as follows:

  1. Plan few topics at once then gather all the data then sit on a weekend and finish them all
  2. Plan a content layout before writing your blog post
  3. Don’t edit on the way, do it in the end
  4. Don’t multi-task, finish one at a time
  5. Use POMODORO technique during writing.

It is basically a method where you give yourself a time window like 25 mins then write/work nonstop till 25 min without any distraction then take a rest of 5 mins. After 3 set of 25 mins take a bigger rest for around one hour.

11. Read others.

The best thing I have learned from blogging is reading, I mean a constant habit of reading. Not only it helps you feed your brain with knowledge and wisdom but also finding a solution for a query you might stuck at.

Ting ting: I’m not talking about your high school science books here rather read your competitors.

I don’t wanna expand this thing, just make a habit of reading and trust me you’ll thank yourself later.

Just to point out a little bit reading other blogs have also plenty of its own pros like:

  • It improves your overall writing skill
  • Helps to identify low-quality content and work on them
  • Motivation
  • Coming up with new blog post ideas
  • Building contacts and links

12. Overcome failures


Fitness blogging heck the whole word “blogging” isn’t easy, accept it.

Often we fall somewhere between the journey in as not getting traffic to your blog or No money or affiliate sales but don’t let those things dishearten you.

Remember nothing happens over night and there’s no substitute of hardwork.

Now should you run a fitness blog?

AlphaTed is almost 6 months old now & I didn’t earn a single penny yet, that doesn’t mean I should stop blogging.

Don’t get upset with it. “Persistency” is the key to successful fitness blogging here. Learn from mistakes, where you making things wrong then work on it. Consistency, persistency are keys not just to be a successful fitness blogger but to any blogger.

Bringing to conclusion succeeding in fitness blogging is hard but isn’t impossible at all. Find your own path and walk towards it.

Do let us know if this article helped you in any way and if you’ve something to add within post in the comments below.

It’s really encouraging.

Don’t forget to spread the love by
sharing this post.

So until we meet again, bye bye..!!

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