Top 5 No BullS*** Ways To Earn Bitcoins Online

This post was most recently updated on February 15th, 2018

In today’s so growing internet world everyone are out on the hunt for some ways to making money out of it and as the internet is growing so does the opportunities.

Now there’s a whole new world called “Cryptocurrency” which is basically a digital currency also known as internet currency and bitcoin is one of them.


In this post, I’ll bring up some of the sure shot ways to earn bitcoins online but before that, we’ll discuss a little bit about Bitcoin for the sake of beginners who are still unknown or curious to know about it.

What is Bitcoin?

There are many forms or cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Eternium, Zcash, BitCoin etc.

However, among all of them, Bitcoin is the first fully functional cryptocurrency who have the highest monetary value from all others.

You can use it either in form of currency or as an investment. As per writing this 1 bitcoin (BTC) is equivalent to 4000$ & 262820 in INR.

Now without making further delay let’s jump into methods using which you can earn bitcoins online.

Ways to earn bitcoins online.

1. Bitcoin mining

First on our list and probably the oldest yet most used method to earn bitcoins online. It is one of the most efficient at the same time most inefficient way to earn bitcoins, will explain why that.

First let’s know a little about:

What is bitcoin mining?

Every bitcoin transactions need to be verified and added to the public ledger which is called “block chain”, this process is called as bitcoin mining.


You can refer to this guide by for a better understanding about bitcoin mining.

Requirements to start bitcoin mining are as follows:

  1. A PC with good CPU & GPU
  2. Internet connection
  3. Proper cooling management for the PC

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Bitcoin mining is pretty resource & power consuming method and can drain up your Pc’s performance and electricity.

Without proper maintenance and cooling, you’ll end up destroying your Pc especially CPU & GPU.

As of 2017 earning bitcoin through bitcoin mining is not an ideal option unless you do on a large scale or with multiple PCs with proper hardware or have an access to very cheap or free electricity.

If you wanna start bitcoin mining you must keep in mind that it is only profitable till you earn significantly more than the amount you’re investing in it.

2. Go Work for it


Working for bitcoin is one of the best and secure way to earn bitcoins online. It is pretty much earning bitcoin without investment and requires only your freelance skills.

If you’re a freelancer let it be a content writer or graphic designer you can exchange your services in form of bitcoin instead of regular payments.

Many of you might don’t know that to simplify this process there are already few freelance and job board sites who pays in bitcoins in exchange of your skills.

Some of them are:

  • Bitgigs (pretty much Fiverr who pays in BTC)
  • Xbtfreelance (100% BTC only payment)
  • Cofinality

All of these sites work like any other freelance sites like Fiverr or UPwork so you don’t need to think about “if there will be enough freelance jobs to get on these sites”

Apart from these there’s also a job board on Reddit r/jobs4bitcoins where you can get pay in form of bitcoin for your services.

If you’re an individual freelancer you can also ask your clients to pay you in bitcoins but this way not many will convince instead offer them something as extras like extra 200 or 300 words per article if you pay in bitcoins or 10 to 20% off on your services if they pay you in BTC.

Nowadays sites like freelancer and UPwork also started to provide bitcoin projects.

3. Gift card trading trick

Did you know you can also trade your gift cards, vouchers & coupons for exchange of BTC?

That’s right you can use GPT(get paid to) sites like Swagbucks and points2shop and then upon payout you can withdraw your amount in form of gift card or vouchers and then trade it with others in exchange for bitcoins.

For exchange, you can use Reddit’s subreddit r/giftcardexchange where you literally can exchange anything. You can also search on forums where you can find people who are interested in exchange.

Also If you already know any forums or community where people can exchange their coupons or anything similar to that for bitcoins do let us know in comments below.

4. Apps

There are also some mobile apps who gives very small amount of bitcoins for doing small tasks like watching videos, installing apps, taking part in surveys etc and are best ways to earn bitcoins on android & iOS phones.

But beware that many maximum of these so-called “earn free bitcoin” apps are scam so it’s hard to find legit ones.

As far I’ve searched I got only one app called “grabpoints” who actually pays in bitcoin but hy don’t be limited to this do your own research if you can find few legit ones that’s great and don’t forget to let us know if you found one.

Tip: Always check app’s reviews and compare them before installing one and spending your time on it.

5. Trading

cheap money in coins

In my opinion Bitcoin trading which basically stands for “buy low sell high” is the best method to earn bitcoins and making most profit out of it as per writing this post.

You’ll think since this method costs money in first place in form of buying bitcoins then selling afterward, how can be this is one of the free ways to earn bitcoin?

Well let me tell you, you can buy a bitcoin for as low as 1$ so it is your best bet to buy bitcoins when prices are significantly low, hold it then sell it when price shoots up. (rinse and repeat)

Other options

Apart from these there are few other bitcoin earning tricks but please keep in mind that I don’t recommend any of these methods below to earn BTC and doing them without proper research can end up losing your money.

  • Online gambling
  • Betting
  • Reports events
  • Not
  • Other blackhat techniques
  • Bitcoin faucets

Wrapping it up with my thought

Personally, I think buying bitcoin and holding it seems one of most promising and most efficient way to make money out of it and as second option I’ll defiantly go for bitcoin mining if I can afford and maintain the process.

So which method you liked? Do let us know below.

Also If you have any legit ways to earn bitcoins do let us know in the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to add it.

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