List of Best Youtubers To Learn Video Marketing

This post was most recently updated on February 15th, 2018

What if I tell you 1 minute of a video Worth of 1.8 million words, yap you heard it right.

Videos are extensively taking over the internet, It’s not just a medium of entertainment or cute cats and puppies anymore.

Many smart bloggers and content creators diving into video marketing nowadays by watching it’s potential to drag traffic at the same time sales or simply to get the stardom of this whole YouTube world.

And it’s completely going to ball over this 2017.

Video Marketing YouTubers

Here’s an awesome video marketing INFOGRAPHIC by HubSpot which illustrates why you should focus on video marketing in 2017 no matter if you’re a blogger or an SEO.

So in this post, we decided to publish a list if YouTubers where you can learn all about video marketing from video creation to video distribution and optimization.

Let me clear you that the list is hand picked for you based on Content quality, subscriber base, activeness & few others. If you have any other YouTubers within your eye, do let us know in the comment section below.

You can directly go to their channel by clicking on their names.

 1. Derral Eves

Derral Eves Youtube Channel

Starting out video marketing and looking for YouTube growth tips and tricks and didn’t come across Derral Eves videos yet? That’s pretty impossible.

His channel which is also known as his own name and is the guy with highest subscriber base on our list.

Derral is a YouTube and video marketing consultant with a large amount of background from social media and video marketing.

He produces consistent good quality in all what he does such as his productions, video presentations and live events & webinars. He loves to share like me ūüėČ and one of the most experienced guy in industry.

There are many video and internet marketers, even SEO services that have enjoyed success by implementing his techniques.

He is certified by YouTube in audience growth. He is also a funny guy, you’ve giggle a little bit while watching his videos.

2. Video Creators

Vidfeo Creators Youtube Channel

Tim Schmoyer the man behind this great YouTube channel where you can learn¬†Online video marketing, YouTube SEO and all about “How To Be a Star On YouTube”. He is pretty much same as Derral Eves with a little bit of twists.

He publishes contents every fours days a week0 and yes he actually sticks to it as far I’m watching till now.

Do you want to specialize in converting your traffic into dollars, making your video views into money or want to turn your website visitors into clients or subscribers?

then you video creators is the channel you should subscribe.

He is also a YouTube-certified. Don’t forget to watch his interviews series with some other big and cool youtubers, there’s really plenty of stuffs to learn.

3. David Walsh Online

David Walsh Youtube Channel

David Walsh’s channel is one of those channels which i came across when I’m starting out with video marketing thing.

If you’re looking for the latest in video marketing, Membership Sites, product launches or marketing your business then you should subscribe him right now.

He specializes in:

  • YouTube SEO
  • YouTube channel set up & audience growth
  • video marketing
  • increasing conversion and traffic


VIDISEO Youtube Channel

One of my favorite YouTube channel to learn about video marketing SEO, why? Because of their animated explainer videos.

As you can see there is already word “SEO” in their name. They teach about how you can optimize your videos that can boost up your online video marketing efforts. They also often comes with¬†youtube marketing strategy videos and YouTube only tips and tricks.

I’m sure once you start watching their videos you’ll stick to the end of every video of VIDISEO.

5. Video influencers

Video Influencers Youtube Channel

“Interviews and training videos to help you build your influence, income and impact with YouTube &online video” That’s what Video influencers all about.

This channel is maintained by two guys Benji Travis and sean cannell.

They both have their own separate YouTube channels and made this one to share all their secrets and YouTube tips & tricks.

They mostly make interviews sessions with other big players in the industry who shares their knowledge about¬†youtube marketing strategy,how-to’s,Video marketing tips and tutorials,¬†marketing strategies, campaigns and many more about online video marketing.

6. Sunny lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi Youtube Channel

Want to learn how to build a better brand by using social media or video marketing or simply through YouTube then you gotta need to be subscribe to her channel.

From increasing your social media audience to tips & tricks about video creation she has it all. With over 70k subscribers her channel is growing steadily. she primary focuses on branding and social influencer stuffs which indeed will help you with your YouTube carrer.

Oh! Did I mention she is also pretty?

7. Rob7erto Blake

Roberto Blake Youtube Channel

Unlike others Roberto Blake’s channel mainly emphasize on YouTube audience growth.

He is a designer and Creative entrepreneur who helps to make awesome YouTube videos, creative career advice, freelancing, marketing & how-to videos.

What’s the best thing about subscribing this channel is that he produces videos daily, yap you heard it right Daily!! He posts 7 days a week by covering different aspects of online marketing.

8. Think Media TV

Think Media TV Youtube Channel

Not a “how to do youtube marketing” or “Video marketing tips & tutorials” channel.

Think Media TV is owned by Sean cannell the guy from “Video Influencers” and basically a tech channel and shows best tools & tips using which you can create awesome videos to enhance your YouTube channel and video creation.

On his channel you will find weekly tech, video gear, lighting, and audio gear reviews and tutorials.

His main goal is to help you find and master the tools for creating online content like YouTube videos, podcasts, photos and more.

Currently, he have 280k subscribers and growing rapidly.


Next, so what are you waiting for??

Go subcribe them & start making awsome videos.


Do you know any other YouTube channel that worth of joining this list?
Do let us know in he comments below.

And I know you’ll share this article to let others know about these awesome YouTubers, consider doing so.

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