Best Affiliate Networks For Every Type of Blogger

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Huh, affiliate marketing and finding suitable affiliate networks. it’s really tough Nah?

if you’re a newbie then it’s simply overwhelming for you.

Best Affiliate Networks

Especially when it comes to choosing a right product to promote, registering for every single affiliate programs, tracking sales on different accounts, tracking your sales and making money out of it. These can be a headache.

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That’s why there are affiliate networks or also known as affiliate marketplaces.

Usually, there are two ways when it comes to joining an affiliate program.

  1. Joining via direct in-house affiliate program (registering with direct merchant like MyThemeShop , BlueHost )
  2. Joining through affiliate Networks

There are few up sides If you join any affiliate programs via affiliate networks or marketplace.

  • It will help you to reach your minimum payout threshold easily.
  • Find right products at one place which is pretty beginner friendly.
  • Better trustability.

So today we have conducted a list of top affiliate Networks to make your money making efforts through affiliate marketing ease.

The list is based upon personal use, features, ease of tracking, ease of payment, reputation and availability of products specially for blogging and wordpress niche bloggers.


ShareAsale Affiliate Networks
ShareASale is my favorite affiliate network out there on this list. This old retro looking marketplace has been in business for 17 years, yap since 2000 exclusively as an affiliate network.

ShareASale have probably the most relevant merchants for WordPress and blogging niche bloggers. Some of the big players like Genesis , OPtinMonster currently tied up merchants with ShareAsale.

Not only it’s one of best affiliate marketplace to earn some handsome money but also a great place if you want to sell your digital product or goodies like Ebooks, Plugins or Themes whatever you want and make money out of it.

ShareAsale is completely free to join however they have few requirements in order to join them, but don’t worry that’s why I’m here.

Requirements to join ShareAsale:

  • Your website must be live & search engine ready
  • You must have few contents on your website
  • Your website must not contain any kind of adult and spammy ads

Tip: these requirements applies to all networks on the list.

Yap I know you’ve meet all the requirements now just go to shareasale to your complete your account set up.

Once all steps on joining form are done, it will take around 1-2 days for ShareAsale for approval of your application, don’t worry if you get rejected you can apply again after few time, however chances of acceptance is pretty high !!


ShareAsales minimum payout requirement is 50$ and they pay every 20th of the month. Payments are sent out via Check or Direct bank Deposit, sorry PayPal users 🙁

Join ShareASale For Free Here.


CJ formerly known as Commission Junction is oldest guy on our list. Cj have been in industry since 1998.

Their reputation & collection of affiliate publishers made them one of popular affiliate marketplace among affiliate marketers.

I like them for their collection of high quality affiliate products to promote, so should you.

Although there are few buzzes about “CJ is fake” & other stuffs around internet.

I would like to cut out that buzz because CJ is not itself a scam but some of merchants does so it’s your duty to find legit at the same time well paying ones.

There isn’t much requirements to join CJ and its also completely free just make sure to complete your CJ dashboard tasks after signing up. This will make sure you won’t get any trouble during payout.

You can contact their help center at any time if you have any douts or ask us in the comments below.


CJ pays their publishers via Check and Dire Deposit and Payoneer with a minimum payout threshold of $50 which can be little difficult for beginners but its easily achievable.

Join CJ here.


C;ickBank Affiliate Banner
Clickbank is probably biggest affiliate network on our list. Its a playhouse for bloggers & affiliate marketers like you and me. It pays on a “pay per sales” basis.

There’s something for everyone in this awesome affiliate marketplace no matter whichever niche you blogging or building an affiliate site in.

They get around sale 30,000 digital sales everyday comparing to other affiliate marketplace sites this is really huge.

The huge collection of merchants and products not only helps just bloggers but also youtubers to make money out them.

If you can find the right products for your desired niche no dout you can really maximize your affiliate earnings.

Commissions on Clickbank are benefices quite high with many over 50% which makes you really rewarded for your efforts.


Clickbank pays out commissions every two weeks with a minimum payment threshold of $10. They pays via Check and Direct Deposit which contains more than 17 countries.

However, their payout duration with a check is pretty high so setting up direct deposit will be your best bet.

You can Join clickbank for free here.


Rakuten Affiliate Banner

I came to know about this afflite network when I’m surfing over a forum & helping a guy fixing his issue regarding his blog and he told me about this affiliate network.

Rakuten by linkshare is one of the most trusted site for affiliate marketing. It is near by rivalry to the CJ as both are pretty much same, however rakuten is pretty smaller compare to CJ because of Three times less retailers.

Recently they added Two awesome features:

  • Automate: It lets you convert all of your regular blog links into affiliate links who are an advertiser or tied up with Rakuten. However to use this feature you need to paste a JS script into your blog provided by them. It’s pretty much like the contextual ad networks like Vliglink or Skimlink.
  • Curate: Now this one is an interesting feature. Using his feature you can create widgets of a specific Product that you want to promote and place it anywhere on your blog to bring most out of your contextual content.

When Rakuten’s feature loaded tools make more out of affliate marketplace on the other hand it can hugely beneficiary for you if your reader base is from U.S or U.K. Rakuten also have fiverr’s affiliate program which you might be interested in to try out.

Due to its smaller base getting approval to this network is pretty instant and hassle free.


Rakuten pays their affiliate publishers through Check, Direct Deposit with a minimum payout threshold of 1$ which makes them best option when it comes to lowest payout on the list.

Join Rakuten Affiliate Network.

A special note: just joining these affiliate networks won’t make you any $$$.

Promoting them in right manner through out your blog posts, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and mailing list, review posts are the key to affiliate sales, just don’t randomly throw out affiliate links all over your blog post.


Bringing to conclusion many merchants, especially bigger ones like bigdaddy, BlueHost use multiple affiliate marketing networks to increase their sales. So it would be ideal for you to have an account with all of the above networks and maximizing your affiliate revenue.

Are you affiliated with any of affiliate networks from top or know anyone else?

Do let us know your experience in comments below and don’t forget to share & get a candy 😉

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