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Oh!! Hello There,
Welcome to the AlphaTed.com & thanks for showing interest to know more about us(wut..!!)
About AlphaTed
AlphaTed is a Blog(really!! I don’t know  that) which is all about helping bloggers & other internet enthusiastic people to find all there queries solved and making a living out this So growing internet world.
Here we write Guides, DIYs , tips & tricks, How-to’s which literally covers every aspect of “Internet Marketing” from making money online to how to set up your career on internet, oh yes!! and exclusive deals and discounts which may help you to grow your blog and simplify your internet life.
shh!! don’t tell anyone you got them from here.
AlphaTed officially launched in December of 2016. we have just started out as a hobby & passion, let’s see how far we can go…

About Santosh( aka me,finally!!)

My name is Santosh Kumar Biswal (kinda big but you can call me only Santosh) and I’m the only guy behind this blog at least till now.
I’m a graduate in commerce from Utkal University in 2016,a fitness and gaming freak and a internet enthusiastic.

why sudden into blogging??

Well,Making a living by outsourcing this “Soo growing online internet ” and
not only being financially independent  but also teaching,telling what I have learned
is one of my ambition & That’s why I started blogging on December of 2016  even when I’m tight in budget. I borrowed money from my mom & one of my buddy to purchase domain and hosting and here I Am.

I’m still a learner and would like to stay like that for rest of my life and this blog is the perfect option to share my learning by reach out to everyone,everywhere no matter if it’s about simplifying your problems or life.

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For now that’s it.
 If you are still reading indeed you got a lot of Free Time or you really like us but please stop reading & go checkout our posts.
Wut seriously..!! you are still reading this But if you are reading this then i guess i have to say something special right ?
umm you are awsome and I mean it and I am out of ideas Please stop reading now 😉